Work in progress

Once again, I have been away from my blog for quite some time. There have been quite a number of reasons- the easiest was probably that I was extremely busy at work from about the beginning of October until well into November. However, I have also been thinking about the future of this blog. Not…

The last full moon of 2016

Photographed a couple of weeks ago… Much was said about the supermoon in November 2016 but there was a supermoon in December 2016 as well which went by relatively unnoticed. I was out there testing my new m.Zuiko lens and was fortunate to capture this shot (unedited in any way except for cropping). This NASA…

Supermoon Rising

I must be the laziest supermoon photographer ever- I got these shots from my window!

One Supermoon Coming Up

The moon almost looks full but if you look carefully there’s a super thin sliver that’s missing on the left side.