Weekly Photo Challenge: Evanescent

I’m taking part in the weekly photo challenge after what must be eons. This week’s theme is ‘Evanescent’. Evanescent is one of those words whose meaning I well understand but would have trouble explaining to someone if asked. So here’s one of the definitions of the word I found online: “soon passing out of sight, memory,…

Cool Copenhagen

I was about to introduce the post saying Copenhagen is the furthest north I have ever traveled, but just then I remembered that about 10 years ago I spent close to a week going around Scotland- I guess I’ll have to wait until I head to Norway or even Iceland before I make that comment….

This caught my eye..

Something about this landscape caught my eye on a walk yesterday. There was something very alluring about the three trees on a slope and the bright blue sky. There are numerous shades of blue and green and a small bench to the right of the trees on the slope. I haven’t edited the image in…

Munich Diaries

It is a rare privilege to be able to visit a distant city across continents twice. Just over 10 years ago, I had a cold and miserable stopover of a few hours in the biting cold of Munich in winter. A few days ago, I had the opportunity to visit Munich (this time for work)….

Paradise Redux- Beachcomber St Anne, Seychelles

A few years ago I visited a resort at Langkawi which until now remained the best beach hotel I had ever visited. In the middle of February I made my first visit to Seychelles. Out there I spent a few nights at the Beachcomber hotel at St Anne island. I think my choice of hotels…

Happy New Year

A very happy, prosperous, healthy and peaceful 2017 to everyone! I was near the world’s tallest building- Burj Khalifa- last night to catch the fireworks at the break of midnight. Here’s a few glimpses  

The last full moon of 2016

Photographed a couple of weeks ago… Much was said about the supermoon in November 2016 but there was a supermoon in December 2016 as well which went by relatively unnoticed. I was out there testing my new m.Zuiko lens and was fortunate to capture this shot (unedited in any way except for cropping). This NASA…

Merry Christmas- A Blast from the Past

It’s Christmas- yet again we’re at that time of the year when we reflect and take stock of everything that has happened over the last 350 odd days. With everything winding down, people look towards the coming days with hope. It’s that time of the year when we make resolutions. Again. Thinking of Christmas yesterday…

Gulls in the Marina

I was sunning myself on a bench at the Marina this afternoon (the days are getting cooler) when I noticed a flock of gulls in the water. I have so far not seen gulls in the Marina (though I must confess I’m mostly only there during the evenings or nights). Having been gifted a new…

Supermoon Rising

I must be the laziest supermoon photographer ever- I got these shots from my window!