Spotted: Grey Heron by the sea

Grey Herons are not a particularly rare kind of birds- you can spot them near water habitats- lakes, marshes and in this case on the beach. I managed to photograph this one in Seychelles a few months ago. The bird was quite focused on the fishes swimming in the water and seemed to ignore tourists…

Gulls in the Marina

I was sunning myself on a bench at the Marina this afternoon (the days are getting cooler) when I noticed a flock of gulls in the water. I have so far not seen gulls in the Marina (though I must confess I’m mostly only there during the evenings or nights). Having been gifted a new…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close-Up

This week’s Photo Challenge themeĀ is something that’s very close to my heart. I absolutely love macro photography. It brings to focus a world that is normally hidden from us. If you’re interested in looking through some of my other Macro clicks, you can visit this link

18 Shades of Mt Fuji

My Olympus OMD EM-5 has this function where you click one shot and it applies 18 different effects at the same time. I use some of the effects at times- like pinhole, b/w etc., but sometimes it makes an impressive gallery just to look through all the photographs at the same time.

Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way

This week’s photo challenge is about posting a photograph of a place or something/one you encountered whilst you were on your way to your destination. Anything on this theme immediately brings to my mind one of the best (and frustrating at parts) road journeys I ever did- my trip to Ladakh in 2011. I can’t…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped (by roses)

Enveloped- the term brings to mind warm fuzzy images of being surrounded by nice things- a warm blanket, the people you love, flowers, clouds wading across mountains, the soft waves of an ocean washing over you as you sit on a calm beach and so on. What better than a bunch of roses to represent…

Orange Blister Beetle

No no this beetle doesn’t give you a blister- however, it literally devours flowers. Even as I watched I saw a few beetles eating their way through flower petals. I can’t deny they make great photo subjects though!

A Plume in the Sky

I was driving down this afternoon when I noticed this beautiful formation. Of course I had to come back home, get my camera and go to the terrace to get a few photographs. If this cloud formation doesn’t look like a feathered plume, then nothing does. I looked around and found other cloud formations that…


There are so many things in this life that are fragile. This flower seemed to embody everything that is precious and fragile around us.