Go back to any of my previous posts featuring flowers and I would have stated the obvious that flowers are one of my favourite subjects for photography. They are naturally beautiful and patient, posing endlessly for you (unless it’s a breezy day). I found this particular flower in my sister’s garden. It’s golden radiance is…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beloved

This week’s challenge is to depict something/ someone that is dearly loved. I could not think of anything in my photo cache that would fit. Of course the photo cache I have on my laptop doesn’t stretch very far to the past because it crashed recently and I have been far too lazy to check…

Rose Intense

Thanks everyone for your kind wishes- I’m feeling much better. I’ll be back to writing regular posts soon. I hope many of you will be enjoying the lunar eclipse tonight.

Lepidopteran Saturday

Some of the images I’ve clicked of butterflies over the years.. If you like macro images, this blog I visit regularly has a great collection of photographs- especially of ladybirds.

Hello Monday

One of the adjustments I had to make when I moved to Dubai over a year ago was the shift of the working week to Sunday-Thursday from Monday-Friday. So Mondays are actually my Tuesdays. But I realise the rest of the world is still trying to get through the start of the week so here’s…

The best camera is the one you have

Who says you can’t do a great shot on your non iphone7 camera phone? I took this photograph of a bee sitting on a sunflower with my trusted Moto G phone. It costs about one fourth of the price of the iPhone but takes equally good photographs. I was stunned by the quality of the…

Seeing the world in a drop of rain

It’s the height of summer with no relief in sight. In fact, August is predicted to be even hotter than July. Is it any surprise that I’m looking back at my raindrop photos?