Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

This week’s challenge is all about favourite in-focus and out-of-focus moments. I’m taking a standard exercise in focus and depth of field for this week’s challenge. ¬†Et voila!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Evanescent

I’m taking part in the weekly photo challenge after what must be eons. This week’s theme is ‘Evanescent’.¬†Evanescent is one of those words whose meaning I well understand but would have trouble explaining to someone if asked. So here’s one of the definitions of the word I found online: “soon passing out of sight, memory,…

Monday Brilliance

Hey, this is my first post after the A to Z Challenge which was fairly exhausting. But it was certainly a great experience. I hope you’re having a great Monday and a good week!

Sweet Sunday

Today was the first day of spring. With spring comes new beginnings, new hopes. Rightly enough this day is celebrated as New Years day by many people around the world. This day also heralds a season of other days celebrated as New Year in South and South East Asia. I hope this day brings a…