The many faces of Burj Khalifa

Ask anyone what they first think of when you say Dubai and the answer may just be Burj Khalifa- the world’s tallest building. It’s a fascinating building that outlines the cityline of Dubai like a heartbeat spike on a monitor. It can also put up quite a show as the entire facade of the building…

The 42 books I read in 2016

I must confess- putting together my annual book mosaic has been one of the biggest reasons I’ve been looking forward to the New Year. What started as a whim in 2013 is now in its fourth and (possibly) best to date year! You can check the earlier editions for 2013,2014 and 2015 on my blog….

Happy New Year

A very happy, prosperous, healthy and peaceful 2017 to everyone! I was near the world’s tallest building- Burj Khalifa- last night to catch the fireworks at the break of midnight. Here’s a few glimpses  

The last full moon of 2016

Photographed a couple of weeks ago… Much was said about the supermoon in November 2016 but there was a supermoon in December 2016 as well which went by relatively unnoticed. I was out there testing my new m.Zuiko lens and was fortunate to capture this shot (unedited in any way except for cropping). This NASA…

Merry Christmas- A Blast from the Past

It’s Christmas- yet again we’re at that time of the year when we reflect and take stock of everything that has happened over the last 350 odd days. With everything winding down, people look towards the coming days with hope. It’s that time of the year when we make resolutions. Again. Thinking of Christmas yesterday…

Gulls in the Marina

I was sunning myself on a bench at the Marina this afternoon (the days are getting cooler) when I noticed a flock of gulls in the water. I have so far not seen gulls in the Marina (though I must confess I’m mostly only there during the evenings or nights). Having been gifted a new…

Supermoon Rising

I must be the laziest supermoon photographer ever- I got these shots from my window!

One Supermoon Coming Up

The moon almost looks full but if you look carefully there’s a super thin sliver that’s missing on the left side.

Monday Abstraction- Take a Guess

When I was out photographing the moon day before yesterday I captured this photograph as well. It’s a bit abstract and I will tell you what it is in a future post but do you think you can take a guess at what this actually is? I’m afraid I can’t give out a prize for…

Hunter’s Moon Tonight

The moon is my muse- my apologies for the long absence- I promise to be back soon! In the meantime enjoy the hunter’s moon which was visible from my window earlier this evening! The moon took a bright orange tinge because it was very close to the horizon.

Metro in a Metro

There are some constants in everybody’s lives. Computer crashes are one of  mine. I haven’t had access to a proper computer in a while (just at the time I was resolving myself to be more regular on my blog). This post is from my nifty Moto phone. I’m always impressed by the quality of the…