Status Update

So we are in October. To those like me who still feel like we were at the New Year’s fireworks party yesterday, wake up! 9 months of the year are already done and we are heading into the last 3 laps of 2017. I was having a chat with a colleague of mine the other…

The best camera is the one you have

Who says you can’t do a great shot on your non iphone7 camera phone? I took this photograph of a bee sitting on a sunflower with my trusted Moto G phone. It costs about one fourth of the price of the iPhone but takes equally good photographs. I was stunned by the quality of the…

There and back again….again

A second time to Ladakh- I feel fortunate to have been able to visit Leh last week.  I’ve just returned after a week of epic trekking in the Sham region.  More photos and posts to follow..

Cool Copenhagen

I was about to introduce the post saying Copenhagen is the furthest north I have ever traveled, but just then I remembered that about 10 years ago I spent close to a week going around Scotland- I guess I’ll have to wait until I head to Norway or even Iceland before I make that comment….

This caught my eye..

Something about this landscape caught my eye on a walk yesterday. There was something very alluring about the three trees on a slope and the bright blue sky. There are numerous shades of blue and green and a small bench to the right of the trees on the slope. I haven’t edited the image in…

Munich Diaries

It is a rare privilege to be able to visit a distant city across continents twice. Just over 10 years ago, I had a cold and miserable stopover of a few hours in the biting cold of Munich in winter. A few days ago, I had the opportunity to visit Munich (this time for work)….

The last full moon of 2016

Photographed a couple of weeks ago… Much was said about the supermoon in November 2016 but there was a supermoon in December 2016 as well which went by relatively unnoticed. I was out there testing my new m.Zuiko lens and was fortunate to capture this shot (unedited in any way except for cropping). This NASA…

Supermoon Rising

I must be the laziest supermoon photographer ever- I got these shots from my window!

One Supermoon Coming Up

The moon almost looks full but if you look carefully there’s a super thin sliver that’s missing on the left side.

Monday Abstraction- Take a Guess

When I was out photographing the moon day before yesterday I captured this photograph as well. It’s a bit abstract and I will tell you what it is in a future post but do you think you can take a guess at what this actually is? I’m afraid I can’t give out a prize for…

Hunter’s Moon Tonight

The moon is my muse- my apologies for the long absence- I promise to be back soon! In the meantime enjoy the hunter’s moon which was visible from my window earlier this evening! The moon took a bright orange tinge because it was very close to the horizon.

I for Images from Ancient Times

It is hard to find a more cliched statement than “A picture speaks a thousand words.” And yet much of how we imagine the ancient world is based on what comes through to us from art- mostly wall paintings and mosaics. Here are a few images that are a few hundred years old and yet speak…