Cool Copenhagen

I was about to introduce the post saying Copenhagen is the furthest north I have ever traveled, but just then I remembered that about 10 years ago I spent close to a week going around Scotland- I guess I’ll have to wait until I head to Norway or even Iceland before I make that comment….

This caught my eye..

Something about this landscape caught my eye on a walk yesterday. There was something very alluring about the three trees on a slope and the bright blue sky. There are numerous shades of blue and green and a small bench to the right of the trees on the slope. I haven’t edited the image in…

Munich Diaries

It is a rare privilege to be able to visit a distant city across continents twice. Just over 10 years ago, I had a cold and miserable stopover of a few hours in the biting cold of Munich in winter. A few days ago, I had the opportunity to visit Munich (this time for work)….

The last full moon of 2016

Photographed a couple of weeks ago… Much was said about the supermoon in November 2016 but there was a supermoon in December 2016 as well which went by relatively unnoticed. I was out there testing my new m.Zuiko lens and was fortunate to capture this shot (unedited in any way except for cropping). This NASA…

Supermoon Rising

I must be the laziest supermoon photographer ever- I got these shots from my window!

One Supermoon Coming Up

The moon almost looks full but if you look carefully there’s a super thin sliver that’s missing on the left side.

Monday Abstraction- Take a Guess

When I was out photographing the moon day before yesterday I captured this photograph as well. It’s a bit abstract and I will tell you what it is in a future post but do you think you can take a guess at what this actually is? I’m afraid I can’t give out a prize for…

Hunter’s Moon Tonight

The moon is my muse- my apologies for the long absence- I promise to be back soon! In the meantime enjoy the hunter’s moon which was visible from my window earlier this evening! The moon took a bright orange tinge because it was very close to the horizon.

I for Images from Ancient Times

It is hard to find a more cliched statement than “A picture speaks a thousand words.” And yet much of how we imagine the ancient world is based on what comes through to us from art- mostly wall paintings and mosaics. Here are a few images that are a few hundred years old and yet speak…

F for Flavians

The Flavians were a Roman dynasty of three emperors who ruled the Roman empire from 69CE to 96 CE. The dynasty consisted of three emperors in chronological order: Vespasian, Titus and Domitian (both sons of Vespasian). Vespasian came from a family of obscure origin but rose through the military ranks. He campaigned in Judea against…

E for Ephesus

Ephesus is a city in South Western Turkey. It is a very ancient town settled by Greeks and then later by Romans. Today Ephesus (which was recently declared a World Heritage Monument by UNESCO) is a site of spectacular ruins from the Roman times. The exact location of the city of Ephesus changed over the…

C for Columns

Columns form an important part of architecture- both structurally as well as for decoration. Whenever we think of the ancient world we often think of building facades with imposing columns, halls decorated with ornate or fluted columns rising to the sky. I wonder whose idea it was first to put up the first tall, massive…