Urban Sunrise

Caught this morning before my coffee. In a few more days the rising sun won’t be visible from my window anymore. It will go behind the bank of buildings and I will have to wait the better part of the year before I can treat myself to glorious sunrises. Here’s what I saw this morning

My brilliant friend

It has been a while since I’ve felt like taking out my camera. But I guess the moon is my muse. Shortly after 7pm I looked out my window and realised I could see the full moon rising gradually from the horizon. I wasn’t prepared- I didn’t have my tripod set up and didn’t even…

#tbt Zermatt and Matterhorn

I wanted to do star trails. It’s not every day I get a sky full of stars. Most days I’m lucky just to be able to see Orion and Sirius in the winter skies. But clouds swirled around the skies of Zermatt, only clearing during brief windows. The last window was just before dawn- when…

Welcome 2020

It seems only now that we rung in the year 2000 and it is already 20 years since then. I hope that 2020 will be a peaceful year bringing happiness, hope, fulfillment and kindness to everyone. I do hope that it is a kinder year for all sentient beings around us including the bees, one…

Be your own illuminary!

The title is inspired by a line from the song “Trip a little light fantastic” from Mary Poppins Returns. “So when life is getting scary, be your own illuminary Who can shine the light for all the world to see As you trip a little light fantastic with me” Keep shining folks!