There and back again….again

A second time to Ladakh- I feel fortunate to have been able to visit Leh last week.  I’ve just returned after a week of epic trekking in the Sham region.  More photos and posts to follow.. Advertisements

Moon Under Construction

They told me it was a partial lunar eclipse today so I went out armed with my camera. The eclipse was very partial. So partial that even after an hour of looking at the moon I could hardly see much of a difference. With a vengeance I decided I would deconstruct and reconstruct the moon…

Seeing the world in a drop of rain

It’s the height of summer with no relief in sight. In fact, August is predicted to be even hotter than July. Is it any surprise that I’m looking back at my raindrop photos?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

This week’s challenge is all about favourite in-focus and out-of-focus moments. I’m taking a standard exercise in focus and depth of field for this week’s challenge.  Et voila!

5 things to do in Copenhagen

When you don’t have a lot of time or don’t have the inclination to run around too much. Every website and blog about Copenhagen will tell you it is a very walk-able city and this is true. However, there are walks and there are slightly longer walks and then you could even rent a bike…

Crisscrossing Contrails and Danish royal names

I have seen jet contrails intersect before but never so perfectly in a cross. I took the opportunity to take a photograph with the statue of Victory in the foreground. Frederik V of Denmark also seems quite stunned by the crisscrossing contrails 🙂 This statue is in the square just outside Amalienborg Palace which is…