Gulls in the Marina

I was sunning myself on a bench at the Marina this afternoon (the days are getting cooler) when I noticed a flock of gulls in the water. I have so far not seen gulls in the Marina (though I must confess I’m mostly only there during the evenings or nights). Having been gifted a new…

Oriental Pied Hornbill & Breakfast

Obviously my most spectacular photograph of an Oriental Pied Hornbill is here. But I did manage to get a few more shots of this guy looking and choosing from the breakfast buffet-so here goes Like what you saw of the Hornbill? I can’t believe we’re up to O in the A to Z challenge already….

Sunrise at 8am

As autumn progresses and the first waves of winter first hit you, there is a strong desire to just cozy up and sleep in bed. It doesn’t help that the sun comes up fairly late as well. But when you have a sunrise that’s bright and pink at 8 in the morning, it is worth…

Northern Cardinals

The most colourful bird that I normally come across is the Kingfisher and so I am always fascinated by birds that are more brightly coloured- the cardinals that one finds in abundance in North America are a sight for sore eyes. On first appearances the male is definitely more flashy but the female has her…

Pampered Sparrow

Well here’s one interesting way of getting over Monday blues- being pampered!