Meanwhile in Dubai

We’ve got a new tourist attraction that opened up earlier this year. Yes, this is the Dubai Frame. When I moved to Dubai in May 2016, the Frame was still in its early stages of construction and I remember thinking it looked at that point like an oil rig.

Dubai Frame
Dubai Frame opened in January 2018

It is an impressive structure meant to resemble a photo frame through which you can look at downtown Dubai on one side and old Dubai on the other. There are a lot of stunning photos on the internet, some of which have been shot on drones.

I visited the Frame about slightly more than a month ago. You get to the frame from Zaabeel park (gate 4). It costs 50 dirhams to go to the top of the building- unless you’re a senior citizen or a young child in which case you get in free. As of now, there is no online ticketing yet so you have to actually get to the gate and buy a ticket. There is a small chance that you may be refused entry if it gets especially crowded (but this happens only over the weekend probably).

There are a couple of small museums inside the frame building which you can visit before you go up the lift. The views from above are quite spectacular. Unfortunately there was a sandstorm going on when I visited.

Dubai Frame downtown view 1Dubai Frame old town view


But you can give yourself a cheap thrill by walking on the glass floor at the top of the frame. Even if you aren’t scared, you can literally feel the confusion in your mind and the reluctance of your foot to step forward (especially if you’re looking down). Quite fun!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lav says:

    Looks cool!

  2. Nirmala says:

    That glass floor was scary but we had amazing views!

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