But Marcus Agrippa didn’t fecit

Pantheon M Agrippa
The Pantheon- One of Rome’s most iconic buildings

The Pantheon is one of Rome’s most iconic buildings. It’s visually impressive and architecturally innovative. Considering it was built in the early 2nd Century CE, it was quite a revolutionary building. The inscription on the outside of the building says Marcus Agrippa built it during his third term as consul but this was another pantheon. The building that stands today was built by the architect emperor Hadrian- lord of domes and walls.

Early afternoon sunlight through the oculus of the Pantheon
Sunlight pouring in through the oculus which is 9 metres wide. The coffered ceiling relieves the monotony of the dome. 
From the inside looking out
From the inside looking out

So the inscription is considered to be the only part of the original Pantheon that was put up by Marcus Agrippa. His temple burned down (a common hazard in the ancient world) and then was reconstructed by Domitian. That temple was apparently struck by lightning and was followed by Hadrian’s ambitious project. The Pantheon was built at the height of imperial rome. Hadrian was one of the so called “five good emperors”. The empire expanded, subjects prospered and all was well.

A small bit of trivia which was explained to me by my mum. There are small drain holes on the floor that drain away any rain water that pours in from the Oculus. I never thought of that. I wonder what happened when it snowed recently in Rome. I would have given money to be inside when it happened.

drain holes in the ground
Drain holes in the ground carrying away rain water

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  1. Nirmala says:

    I’m sure snow melted and went out through holes😀

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