Work week and rostering

For a lot of us worker bees here in the Middle East, the work week begins tomorrow. Even if your job is not a drudgery, the very fact that you need to get back into a routine puts you off. However, for as long as humans have had a settled, non-nomadic lifestyle there have probably been work days and off days. Back when I visited Amsterdam a few months ago, I found a really interesting piece of historic artefact at the Allard Pierson Museum. (My apologies for the bad photo, there was no way of getting a good photo even without the flash because of the lighting in the room)

Rosters of Roman Soldiers inscribed on an amphora in ancient Egypt
Rosters of Roman Soldiers inscribed on an amphora in ancient Egypt

In the photograph is an amphora that has been retrieved from Egypt and the opinion is that it must have been originally in use between 150 and 200 CE. In addition to the fact that the amphora is close to 2000 years old, the more fascinating information is what is written all over it.

Turns out this is a duty roster for soldiers serving in the Roman army! Trust the Romans to have organised rosters but trust them also to scrawl it over an amphora. Apparently the diversity of the Roman army is also in full exhibit as the roster displays a list of Greek, Egyptian and Roman names.

So there we go- you and me are not the first people to have had to wake up on some day when we would have rather been in bed and go to work. The meme below is not mine but it perfectly captures my sentiments when my alarm goes off on Sunday mornings.

Cat waking up

I’m going to be taking a break from blogging for the next two weeks. A lot of things happening workwise and personally, which means that I probably will not have the time to upload a new post every day. I’ll be back soon! Have a good couple of weeks!


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  1. Nirmala says:

    Have a great time!

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