Paradise Redux- Beachcomber St Anne, Seychelles

A few years ago I visited a resort at Langkawi which until now remained the best beach hotel I had ever visited. In the middle of February I made my first visit to Seychelles. Out there I spent a few nights at the Beachcomber hotel at St Anne island. I think my choice of hotels was slightly influenced by my stay at Vivanta by Taj. Like the Taj hotel at Rebak island, Beachcomber at St Anne was also located on an island away from the main tourist hub. I did see a load of mixed reviews on tripadvisor- people tended to either love this place or hate it. Everybody seemed to agree it was a spectacular location but people tended to complain either about the quality of the accommodation or service. I decided to give the place a try anyway and it proved to be an amazing decision.

St Anne island is a small island to the east of Mahe and the Beachcomber hotel is the only hotel in the island and features a number of beaches. People who stay at the hotel pretty much have the island to themselves. And this is the biggest advantage of staying at St Anne- PRIVACY. If you like me, love being away from people then you can’t go wrong with this hotel. Even if the hotel is at full occupancy (100+ rooms)- the guests tend to be swallowed up at the different beaches and other locations which means that at times you can pretty much have an entire beach to yourself.

Grand Anse
Grande Anse

The island is self contained- you pretty much have everything you need whether it’s hiking trails, snorkelling, kayaking, swimming, beach bumming, or just relaxing in the gazebo outside of your room. I went hiking on two separate occasions – one of them a massive 4.5 hour hike around the entire island which is probably one of the toughest hikes that I have ever done in my life.

View from Hiking trail
View from the Hiking Trail

The service and the accommodation was what was complained about the most on tripadvisor. I found no reason to complain about the quality of the suite and I booked the cheapest possible accommodation on the island. The main room was bright and airy, the bathrooms (including the outdoor shower area which was a huge help in not getting beach sand inside the rooms) were clean and the lovely outdoor covered gazebo was a great place to spend the evenings or just sit outside in the rain. The staff were nice and helped us check in as early as 9am on the day we arrived.

Main Room
Main room

The one thing I found lacking was the food. As a vegetarian there weren’t a spectacular number of choices in the buffet spread in the main restaurant. Also the buffet meals were horribly overpriced and the in-room dining menu was practically non existent. Still the vegetarian pizza we ordered for lunch on one of the days wasn’t too bad.

At night you can see an entire galaxy of stars if the skies are clear. Unfortunately after a tantalising few hours the sky was overcast all the nights I was at the hotel so no stargazing.

The hotel has a sports centre (and a small library). You can rent kayaks or SUPs free of charge. I went kayaking to the neighbouring islets which was fun. My favourite beach was the Grande Anse as it was just a couple of minutes walk from my room. At no point of time was I ever tempted to leave the island to go exploring elsewhere.


All in all a great stay!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lav says:

    Sounds idyllic!

  2. Nirmala says:

    Wonderfully relaxing place

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