B for Birds, Birds, Birds

I never really noticed birds until I moved to live in the city and then it was the yearning to see the birds I would take for granted in my old house- the bulbuls, the kingfishers, the coucals and others. I relearnt to observe them and enjoy them over the course of the years. I’m nowhere close to being an avid birder but at least I know that often I have to stop, stare and observe- you never know who is hiding in the nearest tree.

So how is the A to Z Challenge going for you? Looking forward to more?

B for Birds
B for Birds

45 thoughts on “B for Birds, Birds, Birds”

    1. Hi Tasha, unfortunately as adorable as cats are, they do pose a big threat to these birds. I’m glad you still get to see birds elsewhere.

  1. The challenge is going well 🙂 Great gallery of bird photos! It does make you think of people in the city, though, feeding pigeons… interacting with the only birds they can, for want of seeing more birds!

  2. Love your narrative here – As an avid birder and bird photographer now, I recall very well when I began to “notice” birds, only a few short years ago. I had to go back and look for your B, which I’m so happy to see stands for BIRDS – what else, after all ;-D?

    1. The only other contender was B for Books but I tweaked something for them to feature later in the challenge. Birds rock!

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