Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island

Located on the Northeastern side of Jekyll Island, Georgia, Driftwood beach is exactly that- a stretch of sand that is covered by deadwood of massive trees. The sight of so many dead trees covering the beach certainly leaves an impression on you. The beach has been described as one of the most romantic beaches in the world (in fact there was even a board to this effect near the entrance to the beach) and to some, this beach may indeed be romantic (as witnessed by the number of couples who choose to have their weddings there or at least get their wedding photographs there). As for me I found the beach impressive but not necessarily romantic- the skeletal trees seemed gloomy and foreboding- not to mention the number of crabs and other insects weaving their way in and out of all the branches of the dead trees. (I just saw one wedding photograph on the internet with the bride and groom sitting on one of the branches. I couldn’t help wondering if the bride realised there may have been little crabs that could have crawled on her flowing gown).

Deadwood and Driftwood
Deadwood and Driftwood

The beach has wonderful firm white sand to walk on. At low tide, there is quite an expanse of sand that is visible beyond the deadwood. However at high tide you have to jump in and out of the trees to make your way across. The days I spent at Jekyll Island were all overcast and so I couldn’t get any cheery pics of the beach but considering its nature- maybe it is impossible to get sunshine happy photographs of the locale.

Can this make anyone happy?
Can this make anyone happy?

And incidentally if you were wondering (and I was) where all the wood came from- it is from the erosion of the island itself that is creating this driftwood pileup.

Thread your way through the beach
Thread your way through the beach

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Apar says:

    I was indeed wondering where all that was coming from!! Beautiful pictures. Place certainly does look interesting…. Romantic?! Well…
    May be it photographs well! 🙂

  2. Lav says:

    It’s romantic in the old sense, makes us think of far flung places, adventures, etc.,
    Love the pictures and I’m sure the bride had no clue about the crabs.

  3. I love these photos. To me the scenery is mysterious . . . and I suppose romance can be mysterious.

  4. Nirmala says:

    Fascinating definitely!

  5. beautifully ghostly these are. not to sound gross at all, but they remind me of lovely and wise old people sitting peacefully in a nude beach.

    1. Sukanya Ramanujan says:

      That’s an interesting perspective 🙂

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