M for Macro

I love Macro photography- somehow the art of photographing something extremely small appeals to me a lot- it’s how you can see details that you can’t normally see- to delve into a world that you did not know existed.

Inside the Macro world of flowers and seeds
Inside the Macro world of flowers and seeds

I have a lens (mZuiko12-50mm) that can do a fairly decent job of macro but I’m thinking that the next lens I would invest in would be a specialist macro lens.



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  1. Lav says:

    Beauty is in the micro and the macro…

    1. Sukanya Ramanujan says:

      and everything else in nature 🙂

  2. Nirmala says:

    Nature is beautiful even in its tiniest creations!

    1. Sukanya Ramanujan says:


  3. Heyjude says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂
    I like macro photography too – though not to the extent of buying extension tubes etc. I just like to get close up to flowers and bees and butterflies and I would also love a proper macro lens!
    Nice blog!
    Jude xx

    1. Sukanya Ramanujan says:

      That’s true- I don’t have any extension tubes etc- I just find it fascinating!

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