A New Look, 5 Years of Blogging (Almost) and Many Changes…

Almost 5 years ago, I started a new blog. My first post was about my waiting for something in the mail and how that experience resembles an episode in Calvin & Hobbes. This wasn’t my first blog- I’d had a few blogs before that had died silent (not always violent) deaths. So I really had no reason to believe that I would actually keep at it. But as the years passed and I kept blogging, it became more and more difficult to stop. I currently have more than 400 posts and 52 pages of images on variety of themes. Hard to believe!

My blog viewership has had its ups and downs. After remaining forever low the introduction of photography into my blog took my reader stats up. I was happy.

In early 2012 though after 3 years of blogging, I felt that my blog had become too diverse and I decided to set up 4 separate blogs on specialised themes- one on Ancient Rome, one on Photography, one on Travel and the last on Languages, cultures and other related experiences. My primary blog became a bucket which held what wouldn’t fit the specialised blogs. At that time I felt this was the right decision. However as time passed I felt that I had over fragmented my blogging. Although some of these blogs quickly got many followers, I felt that my blogs were incomplete. People got to see one side of my interests in one blog but not the other and it is nearly impossible to get everybody to subscribe to 5 blogs.

So earlier this year I came to a decision and did what something that I never thought I’d do. I have once again merged all my blogs and brought them back into the main fold. It is amazing how easy wordpress has made it to do that- just a couple of exports and imports and voila- it was like I never had other blogs. Of course as with any transition there are blimps- I keep seeing random header images in blogs that had no header images and so on- I’m working on it- if you find something leave me a comment and I’ll go back to work on it.

I also completely revamped my original blog so that I now have a more dynamic profile and is more representative of the person I am. Once again it is just amazing how easy wordpress makes it for you to change themes in 5 minutes for free. Once again this is a work in progress- I have to go through the massive process of retagging and recategorising 400 blog posts so that they fall into the different themes within the blog. If you see something amiss- give me a shout.

New Look and New Developments
New Look and New Developments

So what happens to the other blogs? For the moment, nothing! I will post an announcement (probably this message) on each one of the blogs and request anyone interested to subscribe to this blog so that they can follow any new posts. I will not be posting anymore in those blogs but they will still remain accessible for anybody who wishes to read them.

So, I would love to hear about what you think of the new look for my blog. I have also finally gotten around to having a new About Me section (here).

I hope you like what you see- leave me your comments and feedback if you think something can be improved. I would love to hear from you!

Happy 2014! I hope I can continue blogging for many more years!

Best to you



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  1. Nirmala says:

    Excellent decision to merge all your blogs. I wish you all the best. It is more expressive of your diverse interests and personality. I love this and look forward to reading many more blogs. Best wishes!

  2. ashokbhatia says:

    An instructive post! Wish you a great blogging time ahead.

  3. Jyothin says:

    The new look of you blog certainly has a different and better feel. Its almost as good as a professionally done website. One thought… maybe you might want to put in a link to your Facebook profile below/next to your the link to you twitter handle (in case its there somewhere else and I’ve missed it). Also social media icons like Pinterest/Reddit also would be nice to increase traffic to your blog!

    I think it is time for me to redo my blog too 🙂

    1. Sukanya Ramanujan says:

      Hi Jyothin, thanks for the comment and for the feedback. Yes I will insert a link to my facebook page. In fact I have not done most of the backend work- cleaning up links, tags, categories, menus etc., Work in progress! Thank you

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