Rome in the Chennai Papers

I managed to take my fanaticism of Roman civilisation to a new level and got the local papers to publish something that was an article about exploring swathes of Roman history on a bicycle.

What I forgot to mention in the article was that Via Appia was also the site of the the infamous crucifixion of the slaves from the revolt of Spartacus- at one point the road was lined on both sides with the dying slaves. Maybe I left it out for a good reason.

Here’s the link

My thanks to the Hindu Metroplus for publishing it!


Via this road to Rome

Cycling down the Via Appia, one of ancient Rome’s arterial roads, could be the best way to discover the eternal city, finds Sukanya Ramanujan

The Via Appia Antica stretches from Rome to Brindisi in Italy. It is an ancient road and often missed by tourists, but it has surprisingly more to tell you about 2,500 years of history and civilisation than a lot of other tourist destinations in the eternal city. So, it was with much excitement that I joined eight other cyclists on a sunny afternoon in June for a cycling trip down the ancient road.

Our guide was Bruno from Topbike Tours, a quintessential Italian, full of motivation, humour and historical facts to help us through our 30 km itinerary in a leisurely six hours. After a quick briefing session about our 21-gear bicycles and the safety gear, we slowly made our way out of the city past the famous Colosseum and Circus Maximus before exiting through the gates of Saint Sebastian to enter the Via Appia.




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