Misty Morning

Eerie Landscape

There may never be a day when the sun rises from the west, but there are times when the sun looks and feels more like the moon. This was one such occasion when at 7 am in the morning, the entire landscape was covered by fog and we could not even see the sun for a long time. Then suddenly the sun made a weak attempt at burning through the fog. This photograph was taken at that point of time. I have not edited or processed this photo in any way (except to crop out a lot of the sky). Eerie? Most definitely in my opinion.


11 thoughts on “Misty Morning”

  1. You don’t get a lot of fog, do you? I live in a river valley, we do have a lot of fog! There are plenty of days when the fog lifts just before sunset to ensure an icy night before covering the country again in time for sunrise.

    If that’s 7 am and the sun is in the east, all is well – by my standards. Eerie reaches a new dimension if that’s 3 pm and the sun is in the west.

    I like your photo for its lack of colours.

    1. We never have fog here so if we don’t get to see the sun anytime after 6am and it’s not raining we start freaking out πŸ™‚
      Thanks for comment!

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