Did You Do It?- Photography & Birds- Countdown

Relax! You didn’t do anything. But that won’t stop this bird from asking you that question over and over again…

Red Wattled Lapwing

Photography and Birding are two of my most recent interests having dabbled in each of them for less than a year. But over the last one year I have started noticing much more of the world around me than I previously used to. Though the obsession to look at anything and want a perfect photograph needs to go- sometimes you are so absorbed in the photography that you forget to just look at things. I believe this is a common failing!

(The Lapwing in the photo was fed on a diet of cottage cheese and resided in the garden of a very popular five star hotel in Jaipur)


6 thoughts on “Did You Do It?- Photography & Birds- Countdown”

  1. Could completely relate to that feeling. Any art when done with passion make u more observant ! And it is good to get lost in the same , at least once in a while right !!!
    Hope the birdie found the answer 🙂

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