Can You Spot the Bird in the Picture?

Where is the birdy?

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  1. aarti says:

    oh yes and what a cutie pie 🙂

    1. Sukanya Ramanujan says:


  2. Sunanda says:

    yes….what do I get now?

    1. Sukanya Ramanujan says:

      Nothing- d’uh!

  3. sanetes says:

    Well, I sure recognize a beak, when I see one. 🙂 It took me a little longer to find the feet … 😀

    1. Sukanya Ramanujan says:

      LOL yeah- perfectly camoflauged

  4. Sathya says:

    Yes I can 🙂
    Lovely. nice capture

    1. Sukanya Ramanujan says:

      Thank you Sathya!

  5. Nirmala says:

    Humming birds are so cute.They are only slightly bigger than bumble bees!!!!

    1. Sukanya Ramanujan says:

      This is a purple rumped sun bird apparently!

  6. Lav says:

    this one says “now you see me, …now you don’t!’

    1. Sukanya Ramanujan says:

      Not far from the truth

  7. Lav says:

    did you know these guys are extremely aggressive?! i have seen them chasing each other off from the feeders!!!! but they are one of the more visible wonders of nature!!! very nice shot!

    1. Sukanya Ramanujan says:

      I can imagine aggressive sunbirds…lol

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