Pangong Tso

The story goes that Pangong Tso (lake) was created when the waters of the ocean were lifted by the layers of the rock being churned up when the Indian plate crashed against the Asian plate. This was when the Himalayas were formed and these waters were raised to a height of 14000 feet. Just imagine it- could you think of a place so serene as this being born through a moment so violent and catastrophic enough to lift such a large mass of water so high above the ground- nestling it amongst peaks that look small but are tall enough to dwarf most other mountains in the world- truly an epic story.

Sapphire Blue waters
The water is not fresh but brackish
Pangong Stretching between India and Tibet
The Lake, Mountains and the Moon

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  1. David Powers says:

    Love the pic of the lake, themountains, and the moon!!

    1. Sukanya Ramanujan says:

      Thanks David! It was just wonderful being there!

  2. Nirmala says:

    breath taking!!!

    1. Sukanya Ramanujan says:

      Thank you!

  3. Lav says:

    i had shivers run up and down my spine! such a beautiful place. The second picture is absolutely mesmerizing. i guess it remains beautiful because it is inaccessible. We can all dream of it and make of lives brighter because of it.

    1. Sukanya Ramanujan says:

      Well I guess it used to be inaccessible but you must see the number of tourists going there these days

      1. Lav says:

        hence the funny road signs admonishing the speedsters..

      2. Sukanya Ramanujan says:

        I’ll have to check the comment thread to see what the context was….:P:P

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