Rooftop Perspectives

As I wait to compose my next masterpiece (which is somewhat of a rarity these days) I thought it would be interesting to look back at some of my travels and try and find a theme that I could write about.

It didn’t take long looking (for I had already thought about this). Below are four photos from my trip to Italy from 2006- all photgraphed from rooftops of famous monuments in 4 different cities.

Should I let you guess the cities? But a warning: No free airline tickets to the cities if you get the right answers.

Picture Perfect Shadow in City 1
A winged lion and a saint in City 2
Ummmmmm....City 3
All roads lead to City 4 (and another shadow pic)

Note: Do appreciate the fact that all these photos were obtained at the end of torturous stair climbing exercises through very narrow stairwells.


7 thoughts on “Rooftop Perspectives”

  1. City 1: ??
    City 2: Venice (easy!)
    City 3: ??
    City 4: Rome (technically Vatican City..easy!)

    can i please go to Venice again?

      1. *grin* Thanks!! I love planning trips on Eurail… I practically twisted some one’s arm to go to Italy recently…
        City 1: Florence
        City 3: Milan
        The pictures btw are fabulous, especially Rome

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