Feeling a bit Crabby?

I can well sympathise- after all the weekend is still so far away and the days of the week just seem ever so hard to melt away. But think of the better side- at least you don’t have to worry about the crows coming after you to have you for breakfast (I am given to understand that this also happens to humans).

Walking along the beach this weekend I was struck by the number of crabs scurrying across the sand in advance of the waves. Having studied the crows well, the crabs swarmed in larger numbers at night and early in the morning before the birds woke up for breakfast.

Photographing crabs however proved much more difficult and I had to wait for a while before this beauty decided to honour me with a few glimpses.

Taking Tentative Steps to scan horizon
A Bit more Confident
Are you still there?

6 thoughts on “Feeling a bit Crabby?”

  1. the crows at the resort are late risers (like your sister who missed the sunrise!) hahaha…and who told you about them harassing me for a piece of my danish?!!!

    1. huh? I must have got my timelines wrong or was it the Danish at breakfast which a very large crow missed….

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