A few of my loyal readers would remember my post ‘In Seventh Heaven Awaiting Under Heaven’ from way back in December where I described the wait to the release of the latest book by one of my favourite authors. I finally have the book. Signed by the great man himself. Inscribing with his own hands one of my most cherished quotes from his books. (All this thanks to the effort of a dear friend- hannon le mellon nin!) Eh voila!

Under Heaven - Guy Kay

One can expect this book to jump all existing to-read book queues and get right to the top of the list- weekend here I come!

Another book (or pair of books) that is not likely to get to the top of my reading pile anytime soon but that will be in no way less cherished by me is a second edition publication of the complete works of Horace in French and (hold your breath!) Latin published in (this is amazing!) 1660! Pure treasure..its a privilege even to be able to hold something 350 years old. Once again hannon le mellon nin!

Pure Horace

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lav says:

    you lucky you…

  2. sr256 says:

    yes me lucky me indeed!

  3. Mrs.Ramanujan says:

    Indeed Suki you are lucky to have wonderful friends who are willing to do this for you.Wish you happy hours of reading

  4. Sunanda says:

    I would’ve been jealous if it were someone else. 🙂 HAve fun!

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