On Seat Belts

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You know you have travelled too much when you sit down in your seat at a theatre performance and look for seat belts to strap yourself in. sigh!

On the same subject here’s a remotely funny announcement I heard on my Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt: “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your first officer speaking. As you would have seen the captain has switched the seatbelt sign on. We are going through a patch of rough weather and do not know how long this turbulence will last. Could we therefore request you to return to your seatbelts immediately and fasten your seats”- Like I said vaguely funny but when you are on a 10 hour flight reading a depressing book almost anything seems remotely funny.

And below the photograph of the volcano from Iceland that is causing havoc at airports around the world right now (before it started spewing out ash that is)


Kidding! This is Greenland actually.


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