The life and death of a New Year Resolution

The Life and Death of a New Year Resolution


They say a picture says a thousand words. I will not therefore bother explaining the graph of a new year resolution to you just to get my word count up.

Incidentally the graph represents readership of my blog over the last year. I have made sure that I cropped off the number of visits per month on the left so I wouldn’t land up making people jealous of my readership (to be read as I won’t let you lot see how pathetic the readership of my blog actually is!)

And oh! my blog wasn’t actually a new year resolution.

Are you thinking this post was completely pointless?  I completely agree. The only reason I even posted this was to get my post count up to 35 (which incidentally according to Dan Brown is the perfect number of lines that a chapter must contain).


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  1. Lavanya says:

    35 lines per chapter? you are kidding me…i can write a thousand page book just talking about my kitties….hehehehe….And your readership feel towards end of the year because there werent any new posts to read…duh…

  2. sr256 says:

    I made up that part about Dan Brown btw but he does have a lot of 35 line chapters.

  3. Sunanda says:

    Haha! I was actually thinking an imaginary blog post which was named ‘The rise and fall of a new year resolution’. But the thing actually was about new year resolutions. 🙂

  4. sr256 says:

    Sunanda: lol was that why it remained completely imaginary???

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