Go Bananas!

( And no I don’t want you to go bananas just because I’ve written something after nearly three months 🙂 )

So picture this- Banangrams is a word game quite similar to scrabble- letter tiles with which one has to make words.  (If you’re half as crazy about word games as I am you’re probably already hooked..read on! ) But that is about where the similarity with the king of all wordgames ends.

The first time I read about Bananagrams, it was described as a game where there were no scoring options (what! no possibility of scoring a triple word score?? what are word games coming to?) and where all players take their turns simultaneously (this is where you picture people coming to blows over where they want to keep their tiles. Even with a turn-based system things can turn nasty what with dirty looks and desperate ‘dog in the manger’ loser moves to sabotage people’s access to the triple word scores (not that there are any as already mentioned in the previous point)- wait did I say triple word score again? hmm!

This vague and dull description of the game almost killed my interest in the game, but die-hard board game gamer that I am, I finally visited the official website where the rules were explained in much more detail and clarity.  And no punching is not allowed.

The players each take a certain number of tiles with which they form their own word grids. Glossing over many of the sub-rules and regulations (which can be found here), the final objective of the game is to be the first person to complete all their tiles (you stop when there are fewer tiles in the common pool than the number of players). The winner is then the banana champ (or chimp…whatever!) If you however have cheated then you are the rotten banana and you will be forced to eat some wasted bananas (ok ok I was kidding!)

What with exotic terminology like the bunch (common pool of letters), peel (refill), dump (swap tiles), you can picture your very own compost yard…lol.

Game for some bananas?

(Thank God for facebook! There is already a bananagram application)


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lav says:

    May be i can do better, since its not a point based system!!

    1. sr256 says:

      You think you don’t do well with points but actually you do, just don’t try hard enough

  2. Murali Krishna says:

    “hey they misspelt website i think no?” 🙂

    1. sr256 says:

      Yes I had misspelt it, thank you, it helps when someone proffreads I guess 🙂

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