Press Conference: Please leave your footwear here!

Anybody who has travelled around in Asia (either to Temples in the Far east or in the South asian subcontinent or homes anywhere in India) would be familiar with the “Please Leave your footwear outside” request . Of course the demand stems more out of the respect that you ought to display in these environments rather than any other sentiment (keeping dirt out of course is a big yay of course!)

Footwear Outside Poster (from Allposters)
Footwear Outside Poster (from Allposters)

This request however may soon be a norm at press conferences with politicians all over the world. (The picture is from btw!)

What with journalists getting carried away (yesterday’s case of a journalist throwing a shoe at the Indian Home Minister being the latest in the case of shoe throws), this measure may soon be deemed necessary at all gatherings and conferences.

And in case you didn’t know —-Superpoke already has a throw a shoe at poke (sigh)


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  1. Mrs.Ramanujan says:

    I was thinking pretty much the same thing,that soon every body would be made to remove the shoes.Think of the job opportunity created ,collecting money for guarding the shoes.I am sure already there are applicants for the posts!

  2. Lav says:

    I like the red flip flops…

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