Whatever happened to Superpoke?

Nothing actually… Superpoke is alive and kicking! I on the other hand have lost the art of throwing sheep at other people.

There once was a time when Superpoke to a lot of people was synonymous with facebook and vice-versa (back in the days when facebook was not as popular as it is now). I must have missed those days when everything from blog posts to newspaper articles used to discuss the nuances of sheep-throwing and in general super poking. Like everybody else active on facebook at that time, I had hugged, held hands with, kissed, defenstrated, sheepthrowed (if I can tweet, I can sheepthrow) almost all of my friends and I considered superpoke the ultimate application.

However as time went on news about facebook in any media tended to focus on different areas. Currently any news on facebook tends to revolve around boring evil changes that facebook’s founder makes to his site, every one of which rouses a battle cry from thousands of protestors who wail, followed by the said founder issuing an apology and then doing nothing at all. Those that protested know there is nothing much they can do and return to getting used to the new facebook. Everything else on the news about social networking concerns a little blue bird (tweet tweet!). In any case superpoke no longer gets the same spotlight it used to get a while ago.

Coincidentally the last few months have seen me spending less time on superpoke than earlier. This led me to mistakenly assume that Superpoke’s popularity had declined. So I had envisioned the perfect blog post around how Superpoke had been the twitter of the day and how it is unloved and unpopular today except that when I actually started doing my research, I had to defenstrate my central argument thereby landing up with a post with nothing special to say.

In fact, contrary to what I had assumed superpoke continues to be as popular as ever with tons of new actions (including the charity ones obviously) along with controversial ones promptly removed (apparently an action where you could knife another person had to be removed- d’ah!). And they even have virtual pets you can adopt. It goes like this Step 1: Adopt a sheep 2. Throw it at someone 3. Retrieve it 4. Throw it at someone else 5. Re-retrieve it etc etc. You get the drift. ( I somehow prefered the original pet application on facebook- fluff friends which was more fun because you could send your pet to races and win fluff money which you could then use to feed your fluff and the fluff of others! Apparently superpoke pets has lots of similar features like habitats etc)

Anyways if the above post has left you yawning I hope the picture below will leave you amused (someone sent this to me over the email- Kudos to whoever created this!)

Abe Lincoln on Facebook
Abe Lincoln on Facebook

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  1. Lav says:

    *throws a cow at sr256*

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