Fortknightly Roundup

The typo was intentional by the way…as all my typos usually are… and if you hadn’t noticed the typo, you aren’t reading carefully enough 😛

Today, being a Friday, I have hardly any inclination or sufficient coherent thoughts to write a complete blog on a particular theme. But I can think of a lot of tweets (how have we come to this?) about a lot of random things that I have been talking about in the past. And being one of those who stubbornly refuse to indulge in birdsong, I will put them down here.

Ok maybe some are more like throaty caws (from crows) rather than sweet tweets but bear with me!

It never rains, but pours….beanies!

Followers of the Beanie episode of my life (here) and (here) would probably have been wondering if there had been any updates. I am happy to announce that I finally received not one but two of the beanies. The beanie that the customer exec put on order for me after the first one presumably went astray (leaving me in a disarray!) arrived one bright Friday afternoon. Two days later the original beanie finally shows up in the mailbox. And if you are wondering… no I haven’t read them yet.

The Truth 

Even after writing an entire blog post yesterday on the subject of the new ad by BBC World News, it took me another ‘ad-sighting’ during X-Files on AXN again to confirm that my worst fears were true and that I hadn’t merely been hallucinating. 

Fat Cat? or Cat with a Conscience?

Last but not the least, meet at least one Fat Cat Executive (not from AIG) who voluntarily offered to return his bonus in exchange for a glass of Iced herbal hibiscus tea (slurp!) in these hard times.




Cat of few words
Cat of few words

When he is not sipping Iced herbal hibiscus tea, Chubby is the Execative Director and CEC (Chief Executive Catofficer) of the “Chats Sans Frontieres ” (Cats without Borders). Being a cat of few words, Mr. Chubby refused to comment on his bonus return. 

(We later learnt that his reluctance to speak to reporters comes out of his previous experience: On once being asked what his job entailed, he sharply asked back what the reporter had found was amiss with his tail).



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  1. Lav says:

    *shaking with silent laughter*…*gasps*….*starts shaking with laughter again*

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