The UW Cambot


Yesterday’s post on the Cherry Blossoms got me thinking about the places where I had seen Cherry Blossoms in bloom and the first place that came to my mind was the Quad at the University of Washington (Seattle) where there about 30 odd Cherry trees surrounding the Liberal Arts Quadrangle.

I had the unique opportunity of spending a course module (3 months) at the University of Washington. Located in a city of breath-taking natural beauty, the UW campus (sprawling over a large area) is probably one of the most interesting university campuses in the world.
One of the most recognised landmarks in the University is the Central Plaza or more popularly known as the Red Square (covered by red bricks that make you slip everytime there is some rain- which in Seattle is a lot of the time. Having stayed there during the winter months when the precipitation is almost incessant I myself have had the honour of having had many a near tumble). The square is also located on the major axes of the university (leading from the Quad). One of the most prominent buildings that flanks the square is the Suzzallo library (a place that would merit an article on its own, so I won’t talk about it here).  Another is the Kane Hall. At one end is also the statue of George Washington.

One of the most breath-taking sights that you can be treated to from the Square is that of Mt. Rainier and its snow covered hood, dreamily floating above the horizon (provided it is a clear day!)
An interesting feature about the place is a camera that is placed above Kane hall that snaps a shot of the Red Square every 5 minutes and posts it online. I sometimes wonder if this was done for the benefits of those internet addicts who couldn’t be bothered to look out of the window to check the weather before getting dressed appropriately. You can also check out the latest photos here.

But the most interesting part is the Cambot Archive where you can have a glimpse of some of the pics from the past.  There are some notoriously funny photographs (both photoshopped and originals) that can literally leave you rolling on the floor with laughter.

Here are some of my favourites (original captions- not mine). My most favourite series – that I feature here is the Gull Series.

Sunrise on Mount Rainier (Didn’t that just make you go oooh?)

Gull Checking out Camera (LOL!)

Gull Watching Students (monitoring if they go to their classes on time I guess!)

Students watching Gull (ROFLOL!)

The Obelisk replaced by a hula girl

and last but not the least- The Pterodactyl—fly you fools!!!

If interested in consulting the entire archive, click here.

(The photos featured in my blog were taken by my dear friend Ge Xing Zi Wang.)


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