The wait for the beanie continues…

It has been a while since I first wrote about my wait for my ‘beanie’ and how so much of it was similar to the Calvin & Hobbes episode that was running in the local newspaper. You can read it here.

By now the beanie episode of Calvin & Hobbes in the newspaper is already almost ended. Calvin received his beanie, tried assembling it, broke it, tried blaming Hobbes for it, and then brought it to his father who managed to fix it. The moment of revelation is close when Calvin finally figures out that the beanie he waited for with such angst is only a lousy piece of junk and decides to play with the cardboard box that came with it instead.

But I’m still waiting for my beanie…waaah!

I’m tired of running to the mailbox everyday only to find bills, bills, requests for donations and some pamphlets from the local pizza store. In any case the beanie customer service already wrote to me (I had to wait 96 hours for a reply to my email instead of  the 48 that was much for waiting!) apologising so much for the incovenience caused but that Oh the magazine had been sent already…ages ago. What made it worse was the flippant remark – “It probably must have gone astray in the mail”. I would have broken down but for the assurance that another copy would be sent and I could expect it within the next 7-10 days…oooh!

So I dont run so eagerly to the mailbox these days…not at least until the 7-10 day deadline approaches…

The saga continues…


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