On parking and people

Being a little slow in catching up with my reading lists and things to do (as of last count I had 1551 podcast episodes I had to catch up on, 37 books on my reading list that I had already purchased,the odd magazines and newspapers I subscribe to and lets not even go near my RSS feed syndicator). Anyway the point I was trying to make that I’m probably one of the very few people who instead of getting tomorrow’s news today (are there any another fans of Kyle Chandler and the newspaper cat from Early Edition?) get yesterday’s news tomorrow (or more likely get last month’s news next month).

Getting to the point, I was just reading the Technology Quarterly of last week’s economist which apart from having a lot of amazing news items about scientific breakthroughs (a solar cell that is actually a metallised balloon..yay!) had this interesting article about how we were getting nearer to cars that could park themselves (not so yay!…want to know why ..read on…).

The thought of parking and parking in a place like Chennai (where chaos rules …if you didn’t know) put in my head this video by Bruno Bozzetto that I discovered a long time ago. Essentially about the difference between Italy and the rest of Western Europe (though I think if you switched Italy with India and Western Europe with Western world the video would still hold true except for the coffee slide. Why am I telling you all this..go watch!), the video has a couple of funny slides on parking. What happens in the slides is what would happen if the car had an autopark in Chennai. By the time the sensors detected all the coordinates and the electronic steering kicks in to begin to park the car, there’s probably already someone else in that slot.

I think the old fashioned way of one bedraggled watchman kind of person (and a couple of standby pedestrians and chauffeurs if you happen to be a woman driver) giving contradictory directions and flapping hands in all kinds of ways would work for my parking any day! And lets turn off the annoyingly beeping ultrasonic sensors while we are at it 🙂

Drive safe and park safer!


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  1. Mrs.Ramanujan says:

    Hilarious.I can actually remember that bedraggled watchman!

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