A little note on inaugurations and coronations

Barack Obama’s inauguration and The Return of the King

(Its about 2 months and 6 years too late respectively to be writing about such things, but haven’t they said ‘better late than never’?)

It was very refreshing and nostalgic in different ways to have been watching Peter Jackson’s version of J R R Tolkien’s The Return of the King this last weekend. The last time I had seen the movie was about three years ago (I had seen it about 25 times till then and I could repeat every line of the dialogues (of all the three movies and a lot of the book). I still can- I just need some prompting :P).

As I got to the end of the movie- to the part where Sauron has been defeated and Aragorn is about to be crowned king of Gondor, I suddenly realised how much the scene of the coronation resembled the recent American presidential inauguration. Thousands of hopeful and happy people thronging every little bit of space available in the highest level of Minas Tirith- happy for the defeat of evil and hopeful that the new king would bring to them all that was good under the sun.  Replace Minas Tirith with Washington D C, Aragorn with Obama, shadow of the east with all that has been going wrong in the planet- terrorism, Iraq, Afganisthan, Financial crisis etc.,) and the scene is virtually the same.

It is also amazing to note that Aragorn’s coronation was greeted not just by the Gondorians but also by the men from Rohan and all other races of Middle Earth quite similar to the worldwide jubilation one was witness to recently.

I didn’t have much of a point in writing this blog- just that the resemblance between the two cases was striking.

We all know what happened to Gondor and Middle Earth after Aragorn became king (if you don’t I highly recommend you read the appendices to the Lord of the Rings. If you haven’t read the book at all- I can’t believe you are  still reading my blog!!!).

In any case would the same happen to America and the world under Obama?


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  1. Mrs.Ramanujan says:

    Well ,I didnt look at themovie like that.But now that you mention it ,it is remarkable.

    1. sr256 says:

      True, this didn’t occur to me until I was seeing the movie a couple of weekends ago!

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